I was sober for one month

Ohhh not that kind of sober! Im irish i need whiskey or i will die. But i am off the wagon kids. I went one whole month of not buying shoes. But that all ended today. I got these sexy little things. It feels good to fall off the wagon. To bad i have to give back my chip. 

3 Responses to “I was sober for one month”

  1. Becky Says:

    I can’t go a month without getting a T-shirt. No way. Granted, T-shirts are a tad less-expensive. Either way, nice kicks! Too bad about the chip.

  2. Liza Says:

    Try putting the same amount of money you spent on the sneakers into a savings account.

  3. me Says:

    Liza, why so i could buy more sneakers? :)

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