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The Villager has a great article on Joseph Ades aka the the “Gentleman Peeler.” Ades wears classic tweed suits and silk ties, sits in a low crouch and demonstrates slicing and peeling potatoes and carrots with an ordinary-looking peeler. In addition to simple peeling and slicing, Ades demonstrates how to use the peeler to make “real, three-sided French fries,” slice carrots in flower shapes so that “your kids will eat their veggies,” and make easy, shredded carrots. 

“Right-handed or left-handed — or, like a politician, underhanded — these peelers work,” says Ades, in his British-accented sales pitch. Ades boasts that he is the only person who sells the Swiss-made, stainless-steel tools. 

“One for $5 or five for 20 — you can’t get anything else from Switzerland for $5! A Swiss army knife costs $70.” 

I have 2 peelers, they work great! 

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  1. swissmiss Says:

    those peelers are HUGE in switzerland. I always bring a bunch every time i come back as a gift. they work like magic. I posted about them a while back:

  2. me Says:

    Those peelers are great. But its all about Joseph Ades. I hope im that cool and crazy when i get to be that age. :)

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