Method Pop Up Store, NYC

Method have set up a pop up store on Broadway as part of a chemical amnesty. New Yorkers can bring in their old chemical-based products and exchange them for Method products. You can also buy 5 products for $20 and get a nice eco-bag to carry them. 

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  1. saki Says:

    I’d never heard of Method before until my friend told me of their grand opening. They’ve set up a photo machine inside and we were there for a while taking pictures [sharing our cleanliness secrets]. The shop is quite beautiful.

    p.s. did you know you could technically swallow any of their products without dying? I have yet to test this theory, but I was told by the staff that it was a proven fact.

  2. czeltic girl Says:

    I’m jealous. I want a Method store here.

    I use Method stuff all the time. (In fact, now that I think about it, I believe all of my household cleaners are Method. Except that one bottle of Simple Green I keep around ‘coz you can use it for cleaning just about anything.)

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