Man Jumps from Brooklyn Bridge, Survives


Last night an unidentified man survived a suicide plunge from the Brooklyn Bridge after threatening police officers who were trying to talk him down. The 38-year-old man was approached by cops around 10:30 p.m as he clung to a girder about 35 feet away from the tower on the Brooklyn side. After waving a knife at them, he plunged to the East River, at least 120 feet below. Rescuers pulled him from the waters and rushed him to Lutheran Hospital, where his condition is not known

[via the gothamist]

Did you know that 55 people try to jump off the brooklyn bridge each year. 35% do it most because of broken harts.

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  1. Christy Says:

    I hope he recovers.. I was recently on a trip to NYC for the first time and when we were driving over the Brooklyn Bridge the cops closed it and made everyone get off so they could talk him down. Then he jumped..

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