Top Chef Season 5


Any one watch?  Im not going to spoil it for any one, But any one happy about the winner?

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3 Responses to “Top Chef Season 5”

  1. Willis Says:

    Stefan can suck my nutz, Carla would have my vote but she blew it (had a good run though. If it were my vote Fabio should have won! Jose, wins by default, boooo. Althought it was worth it see him beat Stefan, cock euro-bag.

  2. bb Says:

    Hosea’s a tool. I can’t believe the other two choked. They could cook circles around him. Their personalities – Carla’s too-niceness and Stefan’s cockiness killed both of them in the end. Stefan was a jerk but a great chef – I’d have preferred he won over Hosea. But I was really bummed that Carla didn’t win. I loved that she was on a roll. I hated her at the beginning of the season and was genuinely rooting for her by the end. Bummed that she let mini-Jennifer Anniston completely ruin her dinner. She should’ve made what she’d planned.

  3. me Says:

    I agree with you all. I did want Stefan to win. I was down with the bad guy on top chef. He was a cock, but man he could cook. The only thing I think was good about Hosea winning was that Richard finally won Top chef. That man Cooked and turned ok dishes into GREAT dishes.

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