bucket list: # 56 Survive a head on collision


Well i can now check #56 off the list.  I just totaled my Rental car. I got hit head on by some dumb fuck in a blue mini man. He didn’t even stop as he hit another guy right behind me.  So if your in the Vermont area and you see a blue mini van with a busted up front end. Do something mean to him!


3 Responses to “bucket list: # 56 Survive a head on collision”

  1. czeltic girl Says:

    Holy crap! That is not cool.

    I’m glad you’re ok, though. (You ARE ok, right?)

  2. me Says:

    I am ok!

  3. E to the M Says:

    Oh man, sorry. I promise we don’t all drive like that in VT.

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