What the What….

I just saw on Joblo today that Samuel L. Jackson, is set to star as Sho’nuff, the badass, martial arts ghetto wizard in a remake of Berry Gordy’s 1985 cult classic THE LAST DRAGON. Now THE LAST DRAGON is one of my favorite films. But i cant see how this remake can be any good.

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  1. stu Says:

    Next, we’ll remake Big Trouble in Little China, with the exact same cast, since their careers are once again on the down slope.

  2. steelbuddha Says:

    I’ve never been to a political rally. I don’t really march on things. But I will boycot this movie and burn effigies of the twat-hats that have the nerve to keep putting their collective creepy uncle fingers up the tender pink rectum of my childhood.

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