looking at my nixon and its about that time!

I quit my job today! I just couldn’t take it any more. But dont worry bigger and better things are planned.

12 Responses to “looking at my nixon and its about that time!”

  1. stu Says:

    how many jobs you go through a year?!

  2. me Says:

    last one. :)

  3. Tami Says:

    Woo Hooo! Your robots should move. And maybe be pink. We’ll keep you informed as we make more decisions about your robots here.


  4. Grim Santo Says:

    Good Shit man, Sounds like it was soul sucking work.

  5. Dan Says:

    Tim: “I need to tell you something, and I want you to hear it from me…”

    Dan: (thinking: SHIT! Tim’s moving back! Oh no wait! Er, No! Something happened to wiggle puppy! No, wait Tim’s in trouble, he’s in the hospital, shit crap, what could it be? What could it be? whatcoulditbewhatcoulditbewhatcoulditbe!?)
    “You mean about the zombies? Cause I read about the zombies.”

    Tim: “I got a new job, I’m a …. at ….”

    Dan: “mmemmumble” (brain-damage due to awesomeness).

  6. Liz Says:

    Since my first ever comment got deleted yesterday, here is goes. . . Tim! Glenn and I are super happy for you and your robot business cards. I think that your first order of business should be to make the robots talk. . .in robot speak, of course! Congratulations!!!!

  7. me Says:

    thanks LIz. sorry i dont know what happened to your comment yesterday.

  8. Mosey Says:

    Are you finally leaving the art and design world to pursue your dream of being a Chip n’Dale dancer?

  9. cs Says:

    why is mosey always thining about naked dudes?….oh yea and grats sir…

  10. swissmiss Says:


  11. Erik Says:

    I believe it’s just Nixon (you have an extra i). My fav watch too! Best O luck with your next endeavor.

  12. me Says:

    thanks Erik. how you been?

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