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Small robotic sculptures made from parts of old electronics by Anthony Oh.


Tina’s Toys

My friend  (AKA Shark) has made these great videos of tina talking about her toys. They just bust me up. A must watch!!

thank you card to Bill Murray

A beautiful Thank You card to Bill Murray by Niege Borges starring a paper doll with costumes from the great man’s filmography.


My friend rob needs your vote in the Veer Stunner in the Summer Poster Design Contest.

My Friend Rob Bigwood is one of the 4 finalists in the Stunner in the Summer Poster Design Contest. 

Old Spice Muscle Music


Flying Emirates A380 First Class

Back in 2011, YouTube user Volterrific treated himself to a First Class Private Suite ticket from Bangkok to Hong Kong aboard an Emirates Airlines A380 super jumbo (video). During the three hour flight he enjoyed the first class shower, a fancy meal, and a private suite laden with motorized amenities. Emirates currently flies the largest fleet of A380s.

[via laughingsquid]



The Bentley Barnato Roadster is a concept designed by Ben Knapp Voith while attending an 8-month design internship at Bentley. It is a modern interpretation of what the Bentley Boys (elite and adventurous British gentlemen racers who drove Bentley sports cars in the 1920s) would drive today. Ben´s tribute was inspired by Bentley´s early cars but also the gracious curves of the R-Type Continental.


Cool little app that tells freelancers what to charge.


Sight is a graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo.