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The Pitch – A new series about advertising pitches.

The Pitch, AMC’s newest original series premieres April 30, 2012

Google Maps in 8-bits

check it out Google Maps turns the navigation tool into its “NES” version. Most features continue to work, but it now has a Legend of Zelda-style overhead map and renders Street View in an 8-bit color palette like the now 27-year-old Nintendo console.


Seeing Bridges

Back in december i broke my foot and for the past 2  months I had to take a car into work.  Every morning i tried to take a picture of the Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg bridge.  Just a little experiment in seeing.

See the full set here.

Drunk Guy Sings Bohemian Rhapsody

Robert Wilkinson, a Canadian, got arrested for intoxication and didn’t agree with the charges. After pleading his case, he decides to belt out his emotions… through the music of Queen.

Explore Your Dual World – Human Face Video Mapping

[via Jed]

Chocolate Millennium Falcon

This is a chocolate Millennium Falcon with BONUS gooey center. Brazilian chocolatier André Murrai made this and other Star Wars themed chocolates using ice tray molds.

Vinyl Line Drawings.

My friend Peter made these awesome four unique automatic selfportraits.

These four drawing are the first in an ongoing series of vinyl auto self-portraits. Each drawings in an intimate record of a record that reveals its own temporality (Side I of Live in Cologne took 26:15 to draw, wereas side IV took only 6:59). They are a testament to the unique fingerprint of a record, whose sprial whorl vinyphiles know well and love to read.

in maps

What a great way to visualize what your network look like. Check out inmaps.


My friend  Geoff Lerer is involved with a sketch comedy show about cooking. Check it out

More March: Anniversary

this Buffalo wild wings commercial bust me up.