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Time lapse of Ford Explorer being built out of Legos

Don Drap Presents Facebook Timeline

Zombie Caterpillars

a new study, published in the Sept. 9 edition of Science, unveils the discovery of a gene in caterpillars that makes them susceptible to a virus that literally takes control of their brains and makes them climb to the the treetops, where their bodies liquify and rain down to the ground. The method virtually ensures that the virus continues to thrive as it comes down to Earth.

Luckily for us, the baculovirus that causes this behavior only affects invertebrates. FOR NOW!

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My new favorite time waster

If you havent seen we love typography. than check it out!


20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan recently installed life-sized lightsabers in place of hand rails in Tokyo’s trains as part of its promotion for the new ‘Star Wars – The Complete Saga’ Blu-ray DVD boxset release. The lightsabers have built-in LED lights which can be turned on at the press of a button.


The Neon Museum: Las Vegas

I recently got to check out the The Neon Museum in las vegas. The Neon Museum is a 501c3 non-profit entity dedicated to preserving the rich history of Las Vegas’ iconic art form, the neon sign. See more here


Average Font

This project shows what a font would look like if it consisted of all typefaces installed on Moritz Resl’s system. Every character from a to z is drawn using every single font with a low opacity. In total there are over 900 typefaces in my library.

The full alphabet is available on Flickr.

See What You Print

Artefact created a radically simple printer concept called SWYP. See What You Print. See more

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NASA Discovers Tatooine

NASA reported on Thursday the discovery of Kepler 16b, a planet with two suns that evokes images of Luke Skywalker’s home planet, Tatooine, from the “Star Wars” franchise.

The planet, which is 200 light years away and roughly the size of Saturn, is the first circumbinary planet — meaning that it orbits two suns — ever discovered, according to NASA.


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