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ABU DHABI 2011 – DEFINITIVE VERSION, English intro from Beno Saradzic on Vimeo.

Bamboo Stylus & Paper

Bamboo Paper is an iPad app that lets you scribble notes on the screen and save them in notebooks. You change pen stroke and color, change background paper, email notes as PDFs, even change the color of the notebook’s cover. And then you have the new stylus. All in all looks really cool. Even to me a non wacom tablet guy.

Famous Movie Cars As Pixar Cars

Im not really excited to see Cars2. It’s actually my least fav pixar movie, but i thought these cars created by Old Red Jalopy were awesome.

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Chute (Fall)

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Vizualize.Me in theory will turn your resume into a visual piece of art. Right now its in beta, but if it holds true to its offer, it could be really frickin cool. Check it out here


The World’s Best Type Reference Guide

Letter Fountain (or Letterfontein, as the non-English versions are called) was initially self-published in 1994 in French, German, and Dutch. 15,000 copies were sold by 2000, over half of them in the Netherlands, at which time the book went out of print. Apparently, Pohlen says, teachers in the Netherlands were so dependent on the book for their type classes they told students to buy second-hand copies. With that impetus, Pohlen decided to revise and enlarge the book from 15,000 to 150,000 words. In 2009, after seven weeks of brisk sales, the first printing sold out. In 2010 the next edition was published internationally by Taschen Books and is currently available.

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Robot (extended version)

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Inspired Experiences from The Cosmopolitan


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Final Fantasy Stop motion