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The First Zombie-Proof House

this is cool. more photos here

Spirit Animal – Broken Paradise

A Musical Tribute to Richard Blais

Everything is beautiful but beautiful isn’t everything.

Steve Jobs in Carbonite

Society6 is offering a Steve Jobs in Carbonite case for the iPhone.

Miniot Cover

I dont know if i got an ipad so that i could get the Miniot Cover or vise versa, but this was the longest 3 weeks ever. IT’S SO SEXY!

DON-8r robot

DON-8r (pronounced “donator“) is a small,  fund-raising robot that travels through public spaces relying upon coin donations from passers-by to keep it moving. Each donation not only helps to power DON-8r but also goes directly towards supporting a chosen charity.

i was wrong…

i told my class last week that no one would ever use an ipad to take photos. I guess i was wrong.

Eastern Eggs

Eastern Eggs, an online site/ store selling wooden eggs decorated with the Egg-bot by various artists, with a portion of the proceeds going to Red Cross – Japan Tsunami Appeal.


SCDP LOGO is a collections of what the Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price logo would look like with todays agencies.