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I Have PSD

time to change up some lorem ipsum

Are you sick of Lorem Ipsum? Fillerati is a nice little app that pulls random text from classic works to use as placeholder copy. Maybe classic literature isn’t your thing and you want to go a little gangster on your Lorem Ipsum with lorizzle.

global zombie invasion

AMC is planning a huge promotional stunt to promoteThe Walking Dead.

The cable network is staging “zombie attacks” in 26 major cities — hundreds of extras in zombie makeup roaming landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., Big Ben in London, The Prado Museum in Madrid.

I cant wait for this show to start sunday.


Mother Moves

kind of brilliant.

i cant get this out of my head

Amazing ‘60s ad for Helvetica

Brooklyn band Atomic Tom rocking the NYC Subway with some iPhones.

Cyberdyne Systems is here.

Meet Firstborn

these videos are brilliant.