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The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band “Clap Your Hands”

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The New MTA Map

Next month, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will unveil a resized, recolored and simplified edition of the well-known map, its first overhaul in more than a decade.

The new subway map makes Manhattan even bigger, reduces Staten Island and continues to buck the trend of the angular maps once used here and still preferred in many other major cities. Detailed information on bus connections that was added in 1998 has been considerably shortened.

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Alternate ‘Lost’ Ending

A few Good Creative Men

2010 99% Conference

whisky barrel floors

I am so in love with this idea. whisky barrel hard wood floors covers 3 of my greatest loves. (whiskey,wood, and type). I so want this.

Unanswered Lost Questions

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The Sneaker Colouring Book

A brief history of classic kicks where you choose the colorway. Taking shoe customization back to its primitive form, the no-frills”Sneaker Colouring Book” collects 100 shoe silhouettes from 18 of the top labels known for their distinct designs.

The Wired Magazine for iPad

The Wired Magazine app is presently available in the App Store for $4.99.

StreetMuseum: Looking into the Past With an IPhone App

The Museum of London has just launched an iPhone app that makes use of its extensive art and photographic collections as well as geo tagging and Google Maps to guide users around London where, via the iPhone screen, you can look into the past! By overlaying old photos, The Museum of London gives you a unique experience, making you want to explore the hidden history of London that surrounds you.

Museum of London: Streetmuseum is available as a free download from iTunes now. You’ll need to own a 3GS to take advantage of the augmented reality option.