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Sexy Cutting Board

I scored this Beautiful hardwood cutting board, from a great little Esty shop called squareonedesign. You should but stuff from them!

this is what’s wrong with america

I dont even have words for this guy. In english or any other language.

Fear the Deer!

Bango flips off a 16ft ladder and throws down at the Bucks home Playoff Game 4 at the Bradley Center.

[via Moda3]


thanks Mark for sending

Ice Typography

get yours here

Serenading Unicorn

Serenading Unicorn, yeah its what you think it is.

As Seen on TV – a tribute to doing it wrong


I so love these.  To quote my friend jed “ there is nothing that drives me more fucking nuts than some ass hole clipping his nails on the train,it’s like who the FUCK walks around with a goddamn nail clippers”

I also love this one and this one, hell they are all good. Check them out yourself here.

Meet the Mayor of…

The Zagat blog has a great Article with the mayor of Mayor of Momofuku Milk Bar. Being a Foursquare, addict i thought it was kind of a funny article.

Webby People’s Voice Voting Now Open

The Webby Awards are one of the only major award competitions that allows the public to help determine its winners.

Vote now at and help decide who will be crowned king of the web.

Voting is open until Thursday, April 29th.