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Effing Typeface

A work of the designer Alex Merto coming from Brooklyn, around the topic of the pleasure and sexuality. An execution successful for these typographical letters of the alphabet and these characters headings “Effing Typeface”. The complete gallery (NSFW) is available in the continuation.

It’s a clock

Hoss Gifford released It’s a clock for the iphone. It’s so simple and beautiful. If you dont know who Hoss is maybe this link will help.

The Foursquare Rap – Badges Like Us

Mike Stilkey’s Book Art

Im a big fan of Mike Stilkey’s Book Art.

“The book is dying,” artist Mike Stilkey reminds us. Therefore, in an effort to expose and enhance the beauty of the yellowed page and bounded form – which indeed, if “Ipad” and “Kindle”‘s world domination strategies succeed, will one day become simply museum memorabilia, Mike paints within books, around books, on stacks of books (which he nobly calls “book sculptures”), and even on walls lined from floor to ceiling with books.

you have to have the Hipstamatic App

I am really in love with the app called hipstamatic. Digital Photography has never looked so analog

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Do you have a portfolio?

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Watch a CNN anchor shamelessly hit on Shaun White

Man can you say awkward?

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TheHead / hand-drawn animated short


How i can tell its almost spring.

cause i want to buy shoes! Likes these Bapes.