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Paper Jam Press


Paper Jam Press, releases the summer time posters. Each one is handcrafted letterpress.

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I love these stickies! I would use them every where. Get yours here.

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Personas shows you how the Internet sees you. Very cool little app. To bad it found nothing on me. Here’s to being off the grid. :)

8-bit trip

ART & COPY Trailer

In theaters Summer 2009.
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Richard Blais: Ashes to Asses


On Richard Blais’s blog he talks about his experience on Top Chef Masters. It’s actually a really good read to hear some one talk so passionately about food and working with people. Definitely worth a read.

Heroes Season 4 preview

im not sure about this show anymore.

One of my favorite words


Noun 1. cheesemonger – someone who sells cheese

The Drinks of Mad Men


It’s hard to ignore the cultural phenomena surrounding AMC Network’s Mad Men. In just two seasons they’ve racked up significant nominations and awards, inspired fashion designers, and have perhaps even sparked a renewed interest in proper cocktails. For many years bartenders got away with mixing rum and Coke, vodka and tonic, Apple-tinis, and the vile Red Bull mixed with anything, calling them cocktails, and the public accepted this. The past few years, however have given way to the term Mixologist; glorified bartenders who specialize in the resurgence of the classic, proper cocktail as well as many new classically inspired concoctions. The popularity of Mad Men has undoubtedly been a major catalyst in the cocktail revolution.

What do you drink and what character are you? Click here to find out

it’s been a while…


So tonight Top Chef returns to bravo! and you know what that mean! Padma Lakshmi. need i say more?