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Pabst wins blue ribbon in ugly dog contest


Pabst, a 4-year-old boxer mix, shows off his winning underbite during the 21st Annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

He’s so cute!

Eko Ready To Get ‘Lost” Again


I need to say more? Mr. Eko is one of my favorite characters on lost.

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Exploit Yourself

‘Daybreakers’ Trailer

The trailer for Ethan Hawke’s new sci-fi/vampire movie

R.I.P king of Pop

Multi Color Search Lab


Multi Color is a cool little tool that allows you to search flickr using color. Very neat!

Murder: New York City


This is kinda cool and yet creepy all at the same time. But the New York Times posted this interactive map of all the murders in NY since 2003.

World of Warcraft Freakout

Good Quote


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