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“It’s A Sneaker Thing”

one plus one equals three

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this is kinda brilliant

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2009

I so want to do this one day

using IE6


i love / need this table


Yakuza is a digitally-tattooed table by Reddish Studio. The digital tattooing treats each piece as an individual human body, shaping and forming the tattoo design in a unique way for each piece.

What a Mustache Says About A Man’s Profession


A lot can be told by a man’s mustache, and it seems certain professions have their own. For some it can be a small handlebar, and for others it can be a bushy chevron. The bottom line however, is that the hair on a man’s upper lip can rightfully be understood as a window into his soul.  GEt the full list here

How To Shave Your Groin – Shaving Tips From Gillette

what the hell.

there’s an app for that


there’s an app for that

The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations