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One-Man Dance Show on the R

Happy New Year


made me chuckle


Durex Performa condoms contain benzocaine (a mild anaesthetic), which helps men last longer in bed. To highlight this product benefit they distributed limited edition Stamina pillowcases alongside Performa condoms. The pillowcases proved such a hit with the guys that hundreds more were printed and sold.

My blog is rated…

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Hmmm… Really… Im rated G?

United State of Tara


“The United States of Tara”. The Diablo Cody-scripted, Spielberg-produced series stars Toni Collete as Tara, a wife and mother of two teens who also happens to suffer from multiple disorder personality. Check out the pilot here, which showtime has made available online, before the show’s officially scheduled to air on January 18th. Just type in “tara” as the password.



House Industries launches a new site.

Working on some New Year’s resolutions


I rarely make New Year’s resolutions because I believe in constant evolution and change. They need constant tweaking and editing to work really effectively. But here we go.

- Cook more, but eat less
- I very much hope to stay on the cutting edge… Of what im not sure but i dont want to become complacent
- be meaner to people 
- do monthly experiments on life
- bring whiskey wednesdays to the masses
- Levitation. Just an inch or two.
- read more
- become a better person

Any one got any other ones?

Funny Kanye West Parody

Kevin Pereira from G4 and Attack of The Show has done a parody of Kanye West’s excessive use of pitch auto-correction. Kevin explains, “Pitch auto-correction and a simple beat can make anything chart-worthy; even a freestyle about guacamole and expired milk.”

what song was #1 on your birthdate!

Mine was  “I Shot the Sheriff” by Eric Clapton 

What’s yours? Go here to find out

They can’t fight for themselves.


I think this as is brilliant. Join The Battle