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Yummy Recipe

Goat cheese / Crostini or crackers / Rick’s Picks Phat Beets, cut into 1″ pieces / Fresh blueberries

Spread soft goat cheese on a crostini or cracker. Top with a slice of Rick’s Picks Phat Beets.  Crown with a blueberry and enjoy this tasty morsel!

this might get me into a suit

Late-night at Sew: The first Wednesday of December (and then semi-regularly throughout the year), this bespoke tailor will stay open late and serve drinks while fitting for button-downs, suits, jackets, seven-fold ties, and even jeans.

Sick LeBron Shoe Spot from Nike.

Im not a big LeBron fan, but he’s got some nice commercials out. 

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Clash of the kicks

Kicks on fire have been running clash of the kicks. The previous two Clash of the Kicks were more targetted towards Air Jordans. This time around that battle continues but within the Nike SB department. Both pairs are notorious in their own ways and are ultimately impossible to find in deadstock condition. 

I so want to get me a pair of Pigeons. But i think spending $3k on a pair of shoes might be a little over the top. Some people already think im crazy for my shoes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

“You Bring Me Joy”

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return to traditional zombie values

Everyone knows the undead don’t run – so how come they were sprinting about in Charlie Brooker’s recent TV drama? Simon Pegg argues for a return to traditional zombie values. 

A funny little article on zombies. 

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Business LeBron and Nicole Scherzinger

My Brightest Diamond – Inside a Boy

My Brightest Diamond – Inside a Boy from My Brightest Diamond on Vimeo.

Happy Koguma Day

Today Kogumas are here! new vinyl! woohoooo