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Knots is the coolest most addictive game for the iphone


i love me some cupcakes. and i was pretty happy when i came across Crumbs Gourmet and Classic Cupcakes! mmmmmmmmm

Halloween Candy Code

Halloween Candy Code shows you how to read and mark houses with the Halloween Candy Code. For kids with an early curfew these codes were invaluable.

Smog Plates

Thought this was kinda cool. The cut stencils on dinner plates was placed on the artist’s rooftop for varying lenghts of time according to the record of each president’s violation or apathy toward pollution in the environment. Upon removal of the stencil, the president’s visages in smog are revealed. 

More on my flickr.

Happy Halloween

photo Via TrendLand

Don’t do it

not your normal PSA. and it has nothing to do with voting.

What the What….

I just saw on Joblo today that Samuel L. Jackson, is set to star as Sho’nuff, the badass, martial arts ghetto wizard in a remake of Berry Gordy’s 1985 cult classic THE LAST DRAGON. Now THE LAST DRAGON is one of my favorite films. But i cant see how this remake can be any good.

Tim Gunn’s guide to style

I was out last night talking with friends. And don’t you wish Tim Gunn dressed men as well! I know i do.

Dont vote 2

Cool Ring

Thought this After Dark ring was a cool idea. What would yours say?