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Another Way To Die


At a wall on Grand street and Wooster in Manahattan’s Soho is Banksy’s latest work, a three-story high commisioned rat donning the iconic ‘I heart NY’ t-shir

putting blog on hold…

Im like Elle Woods and have been summoned to DC. so dont worry i will  fix the economy.  

and im a

I dare anyone to stop reloading…  click here 

Truly Beyond Parody

Did you see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler last night? The amazing thing is that a whole section of the script was directly transcribed from Palin’s actual attempted interview with Katie Couric. There is no way Saturday Night Life could make more fun of Palin than she made of herself.

dog i met

This is Gouda, i met him at the Union Square farmers market. He is the size of a house! Now i thought pajamas had a great name, but the next dog i get i am going to have to name after cheese!

Marc Ecko

Marc Ecko gets FWA

Little Gordon Ramsay


Ever wondered how to take part in social activism as a creative? Designism 3.0 | Design for Social Change is an annual gathering of creative minds at the Art Directors Club in NY that will discuss, debate, and present ideas for social change. The Sappi Ideas that Matter Exhibition will also be taking place.

These are some other organizations/social networks that emphasize on design for the greater good:

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These are bed sheets that look like cardboard boxes. Well played snurkbeddengoed