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Entourage Air

This fall Virgin America and HBO will offer the royal Entourage treatment on flights from New York to Vegas.For $2218, you can indulge your inner Turtle. While en route to Vegas, you can wrap yourself in an Entourage Air blanket, munch on Godiva truffles, sip bubbly, watch new episodes of Entourage, and throw high-fives just like Vince and the boys. The inaugural flight takes off September 4th. 

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Happy International Bacon Day

mmmmm bacon. 

Knicks Acquire Patrick Ewing Jr

In a very quiet move outside of New York, the Knicks acquired Patrick Ewing Jr. from the Houston Rockets in exchange for the draft rights for Frederic Weis.  This trade is hilarious/awesome/strange on so many levels. Read More here

this could be a really good thing for the Knicks. Check out this dunk by Ewing.

So true

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Swinging while waiting for the bus

This is so awesome. This bus stop in London has a swing set. 

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Mythbusters at Nvision

This is so awesome. 

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Type Coasters

get yours at Supermarket.

Backflip Darkslide

Who would play you in a movie?

Kristel and i were talking this week about who would play you in a movie? I think Mary-Louise Parker would make a good kristel. Who would play you? Or me? 

Welcome, Baby Von

All my friends back home are having babies. The latest is Edison (Edie) Fern Herwig arrived last night at 10:48pm. 6lbs 11oz. Congrats Dan and Rebecca!