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Foil the X games

The X-games starts tonight. And Darkmane is out to destroy them. 

This might hurt some of you

One thing I dont miss from wisconsin is the non stop coverage of the Packers and Brett Favre. But today when i saw that the Packers are offering Brett Favre $20m to stay retired!  DUDE! Dont make the mistake that Jordan did. You went out on the top of your game! Sorry BB

Nike Courage

Made me chuckle

emo cow

[via malty]

Plastinkus portable scratch pads

These Plastinkus portable scratch pads are as small as credit cards, they create good enough sounds close to the real thing. Each pad will set you back around $4.27 a pop, chump change for an ego upgrade.

I was sober for one month

Ohhh not that kind of sober! Im irish i need whiskey or i will die. But i am off the wagon kids. I went one whole month of not buying shoes. But that all ended today. I got these sexy little things. It feels good to fall off the wagon. To bad i have to give back my chip. 

LOREM ipsum T

I love this T. I had to get it. Thanks Anne for the heads up. 

What the hell.

I write everything down on my hand. But you ever write something down on you hand and then look at it a couple hours later, and think WTF? That happened to me today. I have no idea what this means or why i wrote this. 

UPDATE: They are names of flash files i need

love this photo

taken sunday before it rained, feels very ghost busters. 

Photo by Kelley Samanka

i may have a problem.

Hi my name is tim,and its been 4 weeks since i got a pair of shoes!  But i really need these. I love the fact that they come in a wire cage instead of a shoe box. Also there only 86 of these shoes made.