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Speed Dressing: Award Winning JCPenny’s Commercial You Were Never Meant To See

This spec commercial for JCPenny won an award at Cannes 2008 film festival but some truth ignoring parents don’t want you to see it because, well, it’s a really good freakin’ idea. 

UPDATE: All the commotion created over Epoch’s “fake” JCP ad got their Bronze Lion snatched back from them.

It’s reported that, the organizers of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival talked with everyone involved, and Epoch Films, requested to withdraw the entry for a spot, titled “Speed Dressing”.

CEO Philip Thomas is said to be “pleased” with the outcome, and happy that the festival didn’t have to actually revoke the award. They are taking the work off the Cannes Lions 2008 website and striking the win from the record.


R.I.P Uga VI

This makes me sad. The University of Georgia’s beloved and Churchillian English bulldog mascot Uga VI died peacefully Friday night in Savannah of congestive heart failure after serving nine seasons on the sidelines as the Bulldogs’ winningest mascot.


Got to love the chop shop

The boys at the chop shop have released a new shirt. I got to say its pretty hot. Can u name all 55

Gone to find my mojo

About 2 years ago i started taking trips on the weekends to find something i was looking for. Well im at it again. Im looking for something i dont really know what it is but, I will let you know when i find it. Until then post will be a little sporadic. But stay tuned big things are coming. 

My Head is a radio today.

I woke up with 2 songs stuck in my head today. First i have “God, That’s Good!” from Sweeney Todd. ( not the crappy Johnny Depp one) and second one is “Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)” by the Eels. It would be cool if they would play one at a time in my head, but thats not he case. 

Cake or Death?

I got to see Eddie Izzard last night live at Radio City Music Hall. It was one of the best nights in NY that i had in a while. 

I like this guys stuff.

I’ve found my self going back a lot to check out kurt halsey site this week. His work is just awesome and I love the message in all of his paintings. Also kind of reminds me a lot of Craig Thompson’s work.  

Awesome things BB sends me!

First check out this 

A trailer for Joss Whedon’s 36-minute three-part SCi-Fi internet musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog has hit the interwebs. Neil Patrick Harris stars as the title character, a low-rent supervillain who’s trying to impress the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to (Felicia Day of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), defeat his nemesis, superhero Captain Hammer (played by Firefly’s Nathan Fillion) and gain entry into the Evil League of Evil.

And then this

instant origami bust me up. Read the “About” page first, then look at the individual objects.


[via BB]

Next pair of shoes

Nike SB Dunk ‘Gold Stars’ come out tomorrow. Only 600 made. They aren’t as hot as the tiffany’s or the lobsters but Im going to have to score me some of these. 

Will Smith is

not your average super hero