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Resident Evil 5 2nd Trailer

this looks good. 

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The Phases of Creative Work by Ira Glass

i thought this was brilliant.

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be a brit different

I love the tag line for this British Travel site. 

Evil Bastard

made me chuckle. 

A Child’s Right Campaign for Vietnam

My friend Mike and his wife have been trying to adopt from Vietnam for the last couple of years. Recently, there’s been U.S. bureaucratic involvement which ultimately effects and will probably end their adoption process. So I’m wondering if you could help by sending a quick email petition?

it’s Really simple…

Subject Line: A Child’s Right Campaign for Vietnam
[Your Name]
Email to:


love this guy

The Villager has a great article on Joseph Ades aka the the “Gentleman Peeler.” Ades wears classic tweed suits and silk ties, sits in a low crouch and demonstrates slicing and peeling potatoes and carrots with an ordinary-looking peeler. In addition to simple peeling and slicing, Ades demonstrates how to use the peeler to make “real, three-sided French fries,” slice carrots in flower shapes so that “your kids will eat their veggies,” and make easy, shredded carrots. 

“Right-handed or left-handed — or, like a politician, underhanded — these peelers work,” says Ades, in his British-accented sales pitch. Ades boasts that he is the only person who sells the Swiss-made, stainless-steel tools. 

“One for $5 or five for 20 — you can’t get anything else from Switzerland for $5! A Swiss army knife costs $70.” 

I have 2 peelers, they work great! 

“Visible Vinyl”

i love this print

thanks bb

This is so cool

Saying Hello To London Through The Telectroscope in New York

If you are in New York, go to the Fulton Ferry Landing by the Brooklyn Bridge and peer at London with a monstrous telectroscope. If you are lucky, your buddies in London happen to be on the South Bank by the Tower Bridge where a similar telectroscope stands. And guess what you will see? Each other! 

This prehistoric-looking getup is ART created by London artist Paul St. George. And he, apparently, is only fulfilling the dream of his great-grandfather, Alexander Stanhope St. George. The elder St. George dreamt of burrowing a tunnel across the ocean, setting a magnifying telectroscope at each end so that people could see each other.

It took two days and nights for the massive contraption to grow from the river mud and morph from a six-foot, revolving, metallic drill bit to the final tower of a 37-foot-long telescope.  It will be there until June 15. To set up a viewing date with your buddies at the other end, go to