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We are the ones

Great AD for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama

Star Wars love letter


This guy is smooth. I’d like to think this message really spoke to Jessica, and they reunited…and got married in a glorious ceremony on the Centurion Moon. 


“Did I leave the gas on? No! No, I’m a fuckin’ squirrel!”


I went and saw one of my favorite actors / comedians last night.  Eddie Izzard  is doing a small run here in New York  to work out all the kinks for his large tour. If he comes to your city, go see him!

Stuff White People Like


This Blog made me chuckle, it’s devoted to stuff that white people like.

Favorite store is having a sale.


Brooklyn Circus is having a warehouse sale starting this friday.
If you get a chance to check them out I highly recommend it. 

the Running Man


Utah Saints’ 2008 remix of Something Good. Is all about the running Man.

And they dont stop


Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks tell a cautionary tale about just what it takes to get ahead in Hollywood…

  Check it out at the Quick Stop 

Cool T-shirts


Design by Hümans (DBH) is a place for people to submit, discover and buy amazing custom t-shirt designs created by artists from around the world. 

Got some time to kill?

Lets play a fun game of Guess my Crime. You could waste hours on this.


Jimmy responds.

Jimmy responds to Sarah Silverman,  “I’m F***ing Matt Damon”