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Back to school today


Back to school today at SVA. Who would have thought I would be teaching 11 years now.

Let me tell you the Story of Walter and Wynona


Now I bet you asking who are Walter and Wynona  and what does this have to do with the picture above. Well Walter and Wynona are the names of  the 2 tumors that were removed from my head.  Long story short I had a bump on my head got it checked out. The bump turned out to be 2 tumors, and now i have to wait 3 days before i find out its cancer. It can be 2 types of cancer one would be skin and the other would be brain. Now don’t be sad or worried cause i don’t know  for sure if i have cancer and if its brain caner im not that smart  so it cant eat away at my brain and 2 im kinda of a big guy so i have a lot of skin to spare.  All i can really say is get checked its nothing to fuck around with.

Im sick


you can tell im sick, cause the only thing i’ve posted this weekend has to do with either food or movies. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired!

bucket list: # 56 Survive a head on collision


Well i can now check #56 off the list.  I just totaled my Rental car. I got hit head on by some dumb fuck in a blue mini man. He didn’t even stop as he hit another guy right behind me.  So if your in the Vermont area and you see a blue mini van with a busted up front end. Do something mean to him!

HELL almost might have frozen over


I hate beer. I never could stand the taste of it. Im more of a whiskey guy. But last night i tried this beer. And I didn’t hate it, but i didn’t like it either.

So cool

My godson sent me this video. He is learning flash! I am so proud!

bare foot


Damit! i had to walk home barefoot in the rain last night cause i was wearing good kicks.  I guess its a good thing i like the rain.

I heart Nixon watches

I broke my watch and had to send it in. I was a little freaked out cause i really didnt feel comfortable sending it in.  But i did. So yesterday I found a package at my door. It was my watch. Or so i thought. I opened it up and there was a brand new watch. Now that is service! 

If your looking to buy any one a watch any time soon. I totally recommend Nixon!

looking at my nixon and its about that time!

I quit my job today! I just couldn’t take it any more. But dont worry bigger and better things are planned.

I need new sunglasses

I just broke my sunglasses. I was thinking of getting these, but i want to try them on first. Any one have a good brand out there that you swear by?