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I want this


Wooden Laptop Case with leather lining and magnetic closing device for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro 15inch. For Purchases please contact Rainer Spehl. 

Sharpie Pen. I want!


The Sharpie Pen ($9/4-pack)  its smudge-resistant ink doesn’t bleed through pages and is perfect for note taking. The Sharpie Pen comes in standard black, as well as blue, green and red.



MPH has  a GID Koguma at  NYCC! Now where is my slave girl outfit?

its like my drunk uncle super soaker

The Shots Gun Drink Dispenser allows you to impress the ladies with your sharp-shooting skills! Build up your reputation as a saloon outlaw by wildly serving drinks to all who deserve it – with this fine piece of hardware by your side you can’t miss! I love this shot gun, shoots shots of booze!

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These throwing star magnets are perfect for any metallic surface. Post notes on your fridge door, or make your mark wherever you feel outnumbered. Each star has 2 powerful magnets for a strong grip. Makes a great gift! 2 magnets are included inside an authentic ninja-styled shuriken box.

Godfather Spaghetti Measuring Device

I so want this.


The Sopranos Complete Series! need i say more.

Tim Gunn’s guide to style

I was out last night talking with friends. And don’t you wish Tim Gunn dressed men as well! I know i do.


Highland Park 40 year old single malt whisky is a permanent, though allocated release. There are 170 bottles for the US this year. It’s only $2,000 a bottle. 


2009 Stendig Calendar