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Now this is a birthday cake

Evil Bastard

made me chuckle. 

lost pet

Texting Your Way To Love

Over heard in New York

Over heard in New York is site dedicated to listening to people talk in public. This has been the best site i’ve seen all week.  

Here are some of my favorite ones. 

Leggo My Preggo! Is By Far My Favorite

Student #1: I have a friend who is addicted to pregger porn.
Student #2: What is that?
Student #1: It is watching pregnant women getting fucked in the ass, it’s kind of interesting.


Go Back to Williamsburg, Wednesday One-Liner!

Hipster guy: He wants to write a book about how hipsters are all about being nihilistic and getting lung cancer from oral sex.

–Hop Scotch, Ave A

Hipster guy to girl: It’s like, you can’t take my identity. I’m a film director, that’s who I am. It’s like if I was a carpenter, I would make wood. I mean, I would make buildings… You can’t just choose to be a carpenter.

–Pepe Rosso’s, Sullivan St

Asian hipster chick: You know, when you ask someone what they’re doing and they say clearing their head? I don’t think you can really do that because when you say you’re clearing your head you are really thinking about clearing your head so it isn’t clear after all.

Things I can do with my mind.

This happens when you don’t properly vent a sealed storage tank before emptying it. Hot gas/air in a sealed container and you let it cool. The air pressure difference inside is so great that the structure is compromised.


Spidey window washers

A five-star hotel in China dressed its window cleaners as Spiderman in an effort to avoid disturbing guests.

Shanghai Sheraton Hotel says they wanted to minimise the affect of the week-long cleaning.

“Nobody wants to see a person suddenly appear outside their window, so we thought of dressing them as movie characters, which should be fun and harmless,” said a hotel spokesman.

The hotel says they were not expecting the Spiderman cleaners to attract so much attention.

Many guests have asked to have their photos taken with them, reports China News Network.

This is awesome. I would so want to see spiderman cleaning my windows. 



Bunny suicides!

This site bust me up! 

Happy Monday

This made me chuckle. Thanks BB

White Gold 2

“Before the luscious white mane, the four-hour guitar solos and ripped abdominals, there was White Gold, the man. A mess of frail hair, a dull smile and a scrawny body. It was a rockless…”

White Gold, the new enormous web production for Got Milk. A new concept created byGoodby, Silverstein & Partners and produced in collaboration with the talented people of Odopod.
Explore and judge by your selfs.
Note: Now having presence in social networks as Facebook and MySpace