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i love me some cupcakes. and i was pretty happy when i came across Crumbs Gourmet and Classic Cupcakes! mmmmmmmmm


IF you get a chance to see Speed-the-Plow! I highly recommend it, and not just cause its got JEREMY PIVEN in it!

The Tasting Table

Tasting Table is a free daily email that delivers the best of New York food culture to adventurous eaters everywhere. Each weekday, they send subscribers one delicious idea about dining, wine, cocktails, cooking or restaurant personalities. They feed you only local, first-hand recommendations—one bite at a time.

love this guy

The Villager has a great article on Joseph Ades aka the the “Gentleman Peeler.” Ades wears classic tweed suits and silk ties, sits in a low crouch and demonstrates slicing and peeling potatoes and carrots with an ordinary-looking peeler. In addition to simple peeling and slicing, Ades demonstrates how to use the peeler to make “real, three-sided French fries,” slice carrots in flower shapes so that “your kids will eat their veggies,” and make easy, shredded carrots. 

“Right-handed or left-handed — or, like a politician, underhanded — these peelers work,” says Ades, in his British-accented sales pitch. Ades boasts that he is the only person who sells the Swiss-made, stainless-steel tools. 

“One for $5 or five for 20 — you can’t get anything else from Switzerland for $5! A Swiss army knife costs $70.” 

I have 2 peelers, they work great! 

Method Pop Up Store, NYC

Method have set up a pop up store on Broadway as part of a chemical amnesty. New Yorkers can bring in their old chemical-based products and exchange them for Method products. You can also buy 5 products for $20 and get a nice eco-bag to carry them. 

i have to find these

I also think its funny that its funny that when they put those things in front of used car dealerships it’s called “Tacky”… put it on subway air ducts and it’s called “Art”

Giant Fish Head


On my way to work this morning I came across this Giant Fish head in the middle of the street, right outside the Holland Tunnel. It’s kinda cool and gross all at the same time. I love NY!  

UPDATE: i was just informed that fish heads rising from the dead is definitely one of the signs of the apocalypse. Get the shot guns ready folks the zombies are coming.



PHILLIP ROEBUCK is a bare-bones one-man band, conceived in the subways of New York City.
You got check out his videos little bo peep and summons song

Something strange goin on…I ain’t afraid of no ghosts


GHOST BUSTERS! I didn’t know Carroll Gardens had a ghost problem.