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A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms

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Another thing to check off the list before I leave

Went to the Met this weekend. Got to see some really cool art. Check it the flickr set.

BK Circus SF

Need i say more.

Power to the Poachers

There are four resorts in north america that still dont allow snowboarding.  Burton has offered $5,000 cash prize for the person or crew that boards the four resorts. This is an awesome contest. 

Check it out here

UPDATE: Looks like im a little late to the game. The announced the winners back in March. 

And the winners are…………

Mad River Glenn: The Hawk
Alta: The Shin Diggers
Deer Valley: Andrew Braden & The Monoski


Cool 360 video of Time Square shot with nine synced SI-2K MINI cameras.

Sushi Belt


Already famous throughout Southeast Asia for their brand of mechanized goodness, Sakae’s main attraction is a 97-foot conveyor belt that curls around the length of the room. All the booths are alongside the conveyor, and if you see something you like, well, you just take it.

Sakae Sushi, 405 Lexington (on 43rd St between Lexington and 3rd)