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A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms

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Typography Joke

Do you have a portfolio?

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Brand New


Brand New is a division of UnderConsideration, its sole purpose is to chronicle and provide opinions on corporate and brand identity work, focusing mostly on identity design and a modest amount of packaging.

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beyond silver


I so love this silver wear set from designers clara del portilloalejandro selma from spain. I WANT! see more here.

The Economist


The Economist has one killer site!

Slutty Typefaces


Wallpaper asked 450 graphic designers to come up with stylish “tart cards” – business cards that many London prostitutes leave behind to advertise their services.

augmented reality growing up fast

in the past week AR took a nice step forward with two very thoughtful examples of how virtual and actual can mix in useful (not just pretty, shiny) ways:

and the US Postal Service’s Priority Mail Virtual Box, which lets you see if what you’re shipping will fit in their flat rate box. A simple, useful tool.

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Hype for Type


HypeForType is the brand new online digital type foundry from Thinkdust.

iPhone Stencil Kit


I know this was all over the web today. But i got to say the iPhone Stencil Kit is pretty cool