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Google 10 Years in Ireland

well done

Ylvis – The Fox

3D Printed Skateboard

I so want a 3d printer

General Mills Monster Cereals



General Mills is going to bring back all five of their Monster Cereals –Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Boo Berry, Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy– for a limited time. The breakfast cereals will be boxed in modern packaging except at Target stores which will exclusively carry the cereals in retro-styled packaging. Lynne Morioka of the blog A Taste of General Mills reports that “It’s the first time all five of our Monsters have been available, at the same time.”


Gracht” is an animated short film created in six months by Joost de JongNick GroeneveldJeroen Hoolmans andMichael Koning, students at Utrecht School of the Arts in Hilversum, Netherlands. It follows a father and son, who run a moving company, and lead a normal day to day life. That is, until they help a young lady move her belonging to a different apartment. Their day quickly turns into a crazy adventure. The music and sound design for “Gracht” was created by the SoundBreeders collective.


“Between the Edges” with Dave Kinsey

The Arbor Collective visits Dave Kinsey at his home studio in the Western slopes of the Sierras, where he talks about his background, influences, and process in creating current works of art. Named by Complex Magazine in 2012 as one of the 100 most influential artists of the past decade, Kinsey is known around the world for his street art, graphic design, and fine art pursuits. To Learn more about The Dave Kinsey visit:

this Kid is brilliant

SpinVFX Game of Thrones season 3

Graffiti 737

UK creative group HangFire were given access to an out of use Boeing 737 airliner, and turned loose graffiti artists Sat One and Roids to work their spray paint magic on the plane.

The Mystery of Flying Kicks

The Mystery of Flying Kicks explores the urban custom of throwing shoes up on power lines and the various reasons for and reactions to it.